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The Justice League of Middol Earth, or the “JLME”, is a notorious group of heroes. Together, they have banded to save the world from the embodiment of evil known as Neclord. From silent scouts, to illiterate barbarians, the JLME come from different walks of life. Known for the little girl they carry around with them, members of the JLME are also known for their reputation of seeking “bitches”, being senile, liking “head”, and the occasional wading knee-deep through excrement and feces.

Team History

Vrikdarok, Entwider, Millardo, Ginormo, and Alaric

The original core members include Jerod of Greyystar, Merek, Svarog, and Nebuchadnezzar. During a quest in Aestas when the core members were in need of assistance, their search for potential recruits eventually added three members to the team.

Nebuchadnezzar encountered Millardo the barbarian, working out and exercising in the middle of the plaza. Merek came upon Ginormo Elefante the halfling in a forest, foraging the earth for mushrooms to satisfy his drug addiction. Vrikdarok, another barbarian, was recruited by Svarog, his fellow half-orc hailing from the same tribe. Entwider the bard was found aimlessly wandering the land, forgetting why he got out of bed in the first place, eventually bumping into the team.

Towards the end of their valiant quest, Nebuchadnezzar was discovered to be a traitorous werewolf, spying on the team and planning their demise from the start. He was later defeated and somehow brought the coming of the undecided recruit, Alaric Dragumir.

After venturing in the Wandering Realms and preventing a catastrophic war between the kingdoms of Aestas, the recruits deemed themselves worthy to join the JLME.


On their way to Magnetus, the JLME came across a temporary member by the name of Syl, the elf rogue, who they caught in their ship’s fishing net.

Kletus Ching

The group later acquired a new member by the name of Kletus Ching, a stowaway on Poseidon’s Dong in an attempt to abandon his former crew, the Coldshore Douchebags.

Home Page

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